RFP - Upper Lateral Rehabilitation Project #5 (CIP 20701)

Engineer's Estimate: $190,000


Bidding Closed

Bid Date6/30/23 2:00pm

Company & Contacts

Ruby Castillo  


1515 Soscol Ferry Road

The work includes mobilization, demobilization, and furnishing all equipment, labor, and
materials for the following:
a. Documenting existing site conditions and landscaping.
b. Installation of 2-way ABS cleanouts near each dwelling (when a cleanout does not exist
c. Cleaning and flushing of each upper lateral.
d. CCTV of all existing upper laterals within project boundary.
e. Rehabilitating existing upper laterals:
1) The specified method of rehabilitation for this project is cured-in-place pipe.
However, alternative methods of rehabilitation, such as pipe bursting, may
be considered and approved on a case-by-case basis.
f. CCTV of sewer upper laterals after rehabilitation.
g. Restoring existing private landscaping after completion of cleanout installation and
h. Other related work as indicated and specified herein, or supplemental work necessary
to restore site to acceptable conditions after construction.